Is this the ultimate backyard roller coaster?

Tired of paying theme park entrance fees? Why not build your own roller coaster?

PUBLISHED: 12:16, 20 Nov 2014 | 

John Ivers from Bruceville, Indiana decided to put his welding expertise to the ultimate test and spent a year and half building “The Blue Flash”, his very own loop roller coaster – in his backyard.

John admits that the testing phase was a little hairy, after failing to test the loop with sandbags he decided to strap himself in and give it ago. Luckily he survived to realise the coaster might be little too intense for his grandchildren and then set about building another coaster just for them, the “Blue Too”.

Check out the video below for all the action:


Wonder what its like to ride The Blue Flash? Why not check out this POV video: