Possibly the Weirdest Sport – Extreme Ironing

One of the weirdest hobbies out there has to be extreme ironing, but there could also be some practical uses for it.

PUBLISHED: 11:49, 20 Nov 2014 | 
UPDATED: 12:17, 20 Nov 2014 | 

1. Extreme Bicycle Ironing

Did the cat sleep on your work clothes again? Is your shirt too creased to wear? Well we have the solution for you! Iron on the way to work…


2. Underwater Extreme Ironing

Do you ever get your schedule a bit mixed up and it turns out that your scuba-diving lesson clashes with your allocated ironing time? The solution is simple…


3. Extreme Skydiving Ironing

Ever flying to an important work meeting when you realise your best shirt has gotten creased in your suitcase?

You can even iron as a group to save time.


4. Extremely Cold Ironing

Are you always caught out in the cold when you’re meant to be inside ironing?

5. Extreme Boat Ironing

Meant to be in a boat race and want to look good for the finish line, but just don’t have time to iron your best shirt before the race starts?

Find out more about the practical uses of extreme ironing here: