The Best Reactions to the John Lewis Christmas Advert #montythepenguin

Many people have been touched by this years John Lewis Christmas advert, many… but not all.

PUBLISHED: 08:00, 22 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 13:45, 04 Dec 2014 | 

Every year John Lewis release a touching Christmas advert to encourage people to go shopping for Christmas presents in their stores – and this year is no exception.

Since its release, the 2014 advert has been all over TV, even appearing on Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

It’s also been all over the web with the hashtag #MontyThePenguin. But in case you haven’t turned your TV, PC or mobile phone on in the past month then you might want to watch the advert here:

Usually the best replies from the general public are all on twitter, but in this particular case the real gold comes from the video’s YouTube comments.


Penguins are delicious, they taste like chicken.

Dan Michael


A most awful video! So they were killing and stuffing of these penguins at the end? Cruelness to the animals should be being reported, what will you be doing on this +YouTube Creators ?

Ernst Hauser


Wtf this is animal cruelty. penguins should NOT be kept as pets. You dont even look after it properly im sure this penguin would rather have a pool to play in than a trampoline. and just so you know fish fingers have ingredients in them which are not good for the penguin you should feed it raw fish and this video needs to be taken down

Jay J


Now for the real question: did the penguin go down the stairs on his feet or his belly?



do they know how hard it is to get bird s*** out of Egyptian cotton bedding



these days you give a kid a stuffed penguin and he says “wtf is this s*** i wanna iPad”

Rafael L. Smith


All nice having a happy Christmas advert and the ad is beautiful as well as previous years, but I have no clue what they actually sell, I’ve never visited a john Lewis store, for all I know they could sell rat poisoning.
First rule of advertising is you advertise what you sell and I get the feeling you don’t sell lady penguins.

oliver small