Incredible Life Size Cakes

These creations will give you a whole new perspective on cakes

PUBLISHED: 10:15, 20 Nov 2014 | 
UPDATED: 12:25, 20 Nov 2014 | 

Richard and Eddie are two incredible talented bakers from London with a type of rare creativity that I have never come across. The two of them make a vast variety of themed, true-to-life cakes all of which are completely edible. Their logo ‘we make cakes that look like things’ couldn’t be more true because their creations make you think wow, before even realising that it is a cake. Here are some of our favourite art by them…


Rainbow cake…inside a unicorn…that’s also a cake. While a bit mind-boggling, this is one of the guys’ biggest creations to date and is a project they created for ‘Baketopia’, a completely edible pop up that was held in London as part of National Baking Week. They have since also made another life-sized horse cake. Amazed yet? Let’s carry on…

Tattooed Bakers – Tattooed Bakers’s Photos | Facebook

This cake is of Angelina Jolie in her role in Maleficent – and it is magnificent.

Tattooed Bakers – Tattooed Bakers’s Photos | Facebook

These cakes actually look good from the outside and the inside. That red velvet…

Andras Bartok

They have basically made two foods in one here – a bit like these mad food combinations. Despite this looking like something you’d get from your local Chinese, it is in fact cake.

Tattooed Bakers – Tattooed Bakers’s Photos | Facebook

Here a recreation of the Marvel fiction character Groot who was featured in Guardians of the Galaxy this year. The detail is absolutely amazing!

It’s got wings. It’s got a horn. It’s a …

Amazingly, the Tattooed Bakers only started baking around four years ago(!!), starting off with a company creating cakes that look identical to the dogs of customers (

Tattooed Bakers – Tattooed Bakers’s Photos | Facebook

Here, another cake based on a film character…this time Legolas from Lord of the Rings. How will we ever be content with a supermarket tray bake for our birthday now we know of these ingenious bakes?

Tattooed Bakers – Tattooed Bakers’s Photos | Facebook

Cake for breakfast! Yum…

To check out some of their other creations, check out their website: