Watch four of the most cringe-worthy Christmas ads ever made

The race for the best Christmas ad is well and truly underway. But big companies don’t always get it right…

PUBLISHED: 11:14, 20 Nov 2014 | 
UPDATED: 11:16, 20 Nov 2014 | 

1. McDonalds – 1980

Get it? No, us neither.

2. KFC – 2013

Nothing says Christmas like a bucket of chicken and a sing-song about 11 herbs and spices. But as one YouTube commenter reminds us, the KFC advert is even worse than “the ones for Iceland with Peter Andre in them!” …But we’ll let you decide.


3. Iceland – 2014

This cringe-tastic advert is sure to have you choking on your Xmas turkey. But even Peter Andre’s pathetic attempts at acting pale into significance when compared to this next ad – which really hits the jackpot in the terrible ad stakes.


4. Mr. Kipling – 2003

Appropriately named ‘Nativity’, this monstrosity naturally received nearly 800 complaints after being aired on TV just three times. The complaints mostly revolved around the touchy topics of demeaning mothers, being stressful to children and offensive to Christians.