5 of the most impressive animal escapes

More proof of how scarily intelligent animals can be

PUBLISHED: 10:45, 20 Nov 2014 | 


This video of a dog escaping the deadly clutches of a massive python has gone viral this week after its owner casually fanned the snake into submission. But the plucky pooch isn’t the only animal to make a miraculous escape…



Stoffel, the honey badger, literally doesn’t give a sh*t. The fearsome critters – given their name for their love of honey (naturally) and their marauding raids on beehives – this badger can add another skill to his arsenal: escapology.



Fu Manchu, the orangutan is a criminal mastermind. Fu will make you feel like Planet of Apes is much more likely than you ever thought. The ingenious ape became notorious for his breakouts, including one where he built a tool with wire – stored in his mouth – to unlock the door of his cage!

After he casually walked free several times, the staff were forced to install security cameras to keep 24/7 tabs on the orangutan. And get this…Fu’s escapes earned him an honorary membership in the American Association of Locksmiths!!!
Silly Orangutan


A macaw called Chuva managed to escape from Great Vancouver Zoo. The fact that her wings were clipped made this a highly unlikely scenario. The fact she was found 20 miles away sitting underneath of a family’s RV baffled keepers further.



A chimpanzee, a makeshift ladder and an escape to rival any prison break out in history. Staff at Kansas City Zoo were amazed when a chimpanzee broke off a branch and fashioned it into a ladder, propping it against a wall. He, along with six of his mates, then used this ladder to escape the enclosure. The incident caused national uproar with news stations flocking to cover the live events.


And this little guy just doesn’t quite manage it…


It’s as if they don’t enjoy being held captive, isn’t it?