These celeb fans did crazy things for their idols

Most of us have certain celebrities that we admire, but these people take it to the next level…

PUBLISHED: 09:35, 19 Nov 2014 | 

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

I don’t know if you could really describe this guy as a fan (this applies to most of the people in this article, btw) – very, very strange seems like a better way to describe 29 Year Old Tim Normandin from Massachusetts, US, who has, throughout the last few months, been sending the singer and Nickelodeon actress Adriana Grande a selection of different gifts in the post. These presents, amongst other things, included: a pumpkin, Yankee candles, dog and cat themed calendars and a rock he found in the mountains. It’s the thought that counts I guess. He has also posted videos of himself singing songs to her on YouTube and has written her various poems. Due to this worrying behaviour, it has been reported that Grande has now actually got the police involved with threats of criminal harassment charges.


Mark Kinchen

studio life

In January of this year, a woman called Chloe Maccormack sold a towel on eBay which she claimed had been used by and sweated on by the American house music producer and DJ Marc Kinchen, better known as MK. Maccormack worked in a club and got hold of one of the towels which the musician used to dry himself off. She then put it on eBay ‘as a joke’ and to her surprise someone actually bought it for £10,100!! DJ’s are celebrities too, you know.


Kanye West

Kanye & North at the airport in San Francisco 11/10/14


According to her top, she has 99 problems but Kim K ain’t one. In order to prove to Kanye West that she is more than your ‘average obsessed fan’ (above average obsessed) , aspiring singer Linda Resa who had met West back in 2005 when he had complimented her on her street performance, LEGALLY had her name changed to ‘Mrs. Kanye Resa West’. As well as that, she had ‘Kanye’ tattooed along her arm and also on her bum. More recently, she had to attend court for throwing an amp out of a Chicago office window.




Getting a tattoo in honour of your favourite celebrity seems to be somewhat of a trend, but one from LA woman took it to a new level when she decided to get the name of her favourite artist, Drake, tattooed in massive font all across her forehead!!! When this story emerged, a lot of people also understandably put the blame on the tattoo artist who, however, claimed that “the funny thing is, I didn’t know who Drake was, I figured it was her hood or some s***, not some goofnugget R&B dude.”


Miley Cyrus

got cray tonight and kinda made myself look like Marilyn Manson but it’s kiewl

Another tattoo of’fan’der, Carl McCoid, 39, is probably Miley Cyrus’s biggest fan. He currently has 22 tattoos dedicated to the singer and actress, including lines from her songs and also portrait tattoos of her face. He also owns countless pieces of memorabilia and merchandise which he has collected. Miley described him as ‘a little creepy’…quite a charming way to put it, I suppose. To see his Cyrus-inspired tattoos, check out this video we posted recently: Mega miley cyrus fan is 40 year old carl

Jessie J

#throwback dancing with the stars #LA

Jessie J broke her foot whilst falling off a podium whilst performing a while back. She later received a picture of a girl who had somehow got hold of her personal information. The picture showed the girl’s broken leg, which she had apparently broken herself(!!) alongside a note telling Jessie that she would do anything to be like her.

Very, very creepy.