Man builds house to hold his beer can collection and lists it on Airbnb

Jeff Lebo from York Haven, Pennsylvania has spent the last 30 years collecting over 83,000 cans, eventually he ran out of space so he used them to build an “Eco-Inn”.

PUBLISHED: 14:33, 18 Nov 2014 | 

Inspired by visiting his father at a work with the American Can Company in the 1950’s Jeff started his collection as a teenager, eventually he ran out of space and decided to build a space to hold them – but not just any space, he built a home.

Vintage beer can collector from Christine Baker on Vimeo.

He built a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house set in a 4 acre hardwood forest. Each bedroom is themed by geographic location, containing different variety of cans from that region. Rooms include the “German room”, “African room” and of course the “American room”.

The best bit? you can stay there tonight as he current rents the house on Airbnb for £249 per night.