British Woman Has The World’s Largest Collection of Pokemon Memorabilia

The world record holder for having the most Pokemon memorabilia may surprise you.

PUBLISHED: 10:13, 19 Nov 2014 | 

Twenty-six year old Lisa Courtney from Hertfordshire, UK has spent the last 17 years of her life building up the world’s largest collection of Pokemon memorabilia.

“I started collecting when I was getting bullied at school, Pokemon was the only thing that made me feel happy.”

Courtney has collected items from various different countries and has even gone so far as to travel to Japan for the release of the 11th Pokemon movie to obtain specific merchandise not available in Europe.

The first piece of merchandise that Lisa received was a Psyduck plush toy from Japan, her Mother and Grandmother ordered the toy for her before Pokemon had even hit the UK.

Courtney claims to have over 14,000 items in her collection and doesn’t plan to stop adding to that number any time soon.

“I will always collect Pokemon, I will never stop, there’s always something new to get.”