Here are some pictures of a lamb wearing a jumper

To brighten up your day. You’re welcome.

PUBLISHED: 17:40, 02 Feb 2015 | 

This is Broomie, possibly the cutest lamb in the whole entire world.

When he was found lying in a field, unable to walk because his two front legs had given up on him, the vet suggested it’d be best to have him put down.

But thanks to specially designed splints, Broomie learned to walk again.

A side effect of the painkillers was that his fleece unexpectedly started falling off. He was left completely bald and constantly cold.

However, thanks to a farmer giving him a jumper he is now snug and warm, jumping around the field with all the other lambs.

broomie the lamb


broomie the lamb

Look at it!

broomie the lamb

Broomie chilling Shaun the Sheep style

broomie the lamb