What will play on TV at the end of the world

A former CNN intern has allegedly leaked the video CNN plans to air as the world ends.

PUBLISHED: 16:00, 20 Jan 2015 | 
UPDATED: 14:58, 20 Jan 2015 | 


American TV channel CNN’s apparent doomsday video has surfaced.

A former CNN intern has uploaded a video to the internet which he claims is to be played by the last living CNN employee as the world disintegrates around us.

The former intern Michael Ballaban claims he uncovered the video on CNN’s MIRA archiving system filed with the name TURNER DOOMSDAY VIDEO.

The video is widely believed to have been commissioned by CNN founder Ted Turner who said: “We gonna go on air June 1, and we gonna stay on until the end of the world. When that time comes, we’ll cover it, play ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee,’ and sign off” when launching the news network 35-years-ago.

Upon searching doomsday in the database the video apparently shows up with a restriction placed upon it, ‘Hold for release till end of the world confirmed.’