23 Wonderful people that changed the world with $10

From California to Cornwall, strangers across the globe have taken part in the pay-it-forward initiative to break the taboo of strangers

PUBLISHED: 12:30, 15 Jan 2015 | 
UPDATED: 10:07, 20 Jan 2015 | 

Air bnb have had the genius idea to use $1million to ‘rid the world of strangers’.

The campaign kicked off at the beginning of this year when air bnb sent $10 – or the equivalent in foreign currency – to 100,000 of its community members.

They then had to spend the money doing something of their choice for a complete stranger and share it on social media with the tag #OneLessStranger.

With the campaign now in full motion, we thought we’d share with you some of the personal and creative acts of hospitality.

1. This guy who bought a granny a bike jacket and took her for a spin on the back of his motorbike

2. This guy in Toronto is offering to go for a coffee with anyone

3. This girl giving her share to a home less guy


4. This girl who is on a positive note

5. This guy talking to people through a walkie talkie

6. This guy who gave a guide book with hand written notes and suggestions in it to lost travellers


7. This guy who bought twelve chicks for a family in Africa


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8. This woman who bought a cake and shared it

9. This guy who paid for a woman’s parking ticket whose change was getting refused

10. This girl handing out subway vouchers to homeless people


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11. This guy who bought construction workers frozen yogurt on a hot day

12. This woman who paid for peoples laundry


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13. This woman who bought a man his fish and chips

14. This girl handing donuts out to random people


15. This guy giving out free hugs

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16. This guys whose mission it was to find a hungover person and give them this hangover kit


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17. This girl giving treats to ambulance workers

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18. These two guys handing out free grilled cheese sandwiches to people

19. These two women giving another woman in a nursing home a bunch of flowers



20. This girl handing out mince pies at 7.30am at the train station ONE LESS STRANGERS


21. This person cooking a dinner for a bunch of complete strangers ONE LESS STRASNGER


22. This couple paying for two peoples bus fares, as they didn’t know TfL was cash less ONEE LESS STRRANGERS


This may or may not have made us tear up a little bit with happiness; such a beautiful and inspiring project.

Little actions can do so many things, like change peoples perceptions or even just improve their day a little bit.

Get involved!