Movie mistakes you probably never noticed

Even top directors get things wrong.

PUBLISHED: 08:00, 10 Feb 2015 | 
UPDATED: 17:52, 02 Feb 2015 | 

Movies take a lot of hard work to produce and every now and then some details get left behind.

#1 Pirates of the Carribbean

Captain Barbossa states that the pirates cannot feel anything on their skin since the curse was put upon them. However, in the beginning the Pirate Ragetti can feel the coals that Elizabeth drops on him claiming that they’re “Hot Hot”. If what Barbossa says is true, the coals shouldn’t have affected Ragetti.

#2 Lord of the rings – The fellowship of the rings


Many viewers spotted a car in the background of the theatrical version when Sam says that he is now the furthest he has ever been from home. In a 1 December 2003 Newsweek article, director Peter Jackson confirmed this, and revealed the car had been removed digitally for the DVD release. Jackson says: “We actually didn’t know about the car until we were cutting the movie. The smoke and dust wasn’t so bad because there was already lots of it around, but the bloody windshield was reflecting the sun back into the camera lens. So we erased it for the DVD. I think some people were upset because they tried to show it to their friends and it was gone.” (The infamous car can be seen on the “Academy DVD” which was created for the Oscar jurors and leaked on the Internet. Also, the unaltered shot with the car appearing in it is contained in the bonus material of the SEE DVD – the feature about the film score.)

#3 Harry potter and the goblet of fire

Harry’s godfather Sirius Black is in hiding and using codenames in correspondence. Surprisingly, when Harry sends an owl post to Sirius, he writes Sirius’ real name on the envelope rather than a codename.

#4 Iron man

‘Dream Big’ [Pic]

When Tony Stark is being interviewed by Christine Everhart, his goatee is small, thin, and pointed, and his mustache appears almost drawn-on. The following morning, after seducing her, his goatee and mustache have grown, becoming round and full, in far too little time to be natural.

#5 Transformers

When the autobots are in vehicle mode, they are all cleanly polished, shiny and brand-new looking. However when they transform into robot mode, their shells (including identifiable parts from the vehicles) are covered in dents and scratches, even in scenes with no combat. This is most noticeable in the first scene with all five autobots together in the alley. When they return to vehicle mode, they are once again cleanly polished.

#6 300


After the Spartans are attacked with the shields for the first time Leonidas stands and breaks the arrows off leaving the heads in his shield. When he turns to attack moments later the arrows are gone completely.

#7 Spider man (2002)


When Peter is fighting the carjacker in the warehouse, the thief drops his pistol to throw a knife at Peter, but when Peter thows him against the wall, the pistol is suddenly back in the car jacker’s hand.