Absolutely ruin your enemies day by sending them glitter in the post

Send someone you don’t really like the herpes of the craft world, create an unnecessary mess and ruin their day a little bit

PUBLISHED: 12:27, 15 Jan 2015 | 

You know when you just really want to piss someone off a little bit? Well, here is an idea to do just that which we bet you have never thought of before. Send them glitter. Lots, and lots of glittery glitter.

There ain’t nothing wrong with glitter, but when it’s all over your carpet and your work uniform before you’re about to head out the door, its a different matter

Amazingly, there is GENUINELY a company called Ship Your Enemies Glitter.

They do just what it says on the tin: for the reasonable fee of $9.99AUS (which works out to be about £5), send an envelope to the person of your choice containing, as they put it, ‘so much glitter in an envelope that they’ll be finding that shit everywhere for weeks.’

They will also contain a note telling them the reason why their receiving this letter, so we imagine it to say something along the lines of ‘you’re an asshole, have fun cleaning, happy birthday’