You need the world’s first crisp sandwich cafe in your life!

A Belfast cafe owner has created the newest hipster food trend

PUBLISHED: 12:31, 15 Jan 2015 | 

1. The niche cafe (or is it niche – because really, everyone likes crisp sandwiches really, don’t they?) sells nothing apart from bread topped with one of the 35 different varieties of crisps, ham, cheese, soup and chips.

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2. The Simply Crispy cafe is in the owner’s previous business ‘That Wee Cafe’ on Bedford Street, Belfast. Andrew got the idea from reading a satirical article.

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3. The 35 flavours of crisps include Monster Munch, the Irish crisp brand Tayto and also Walkers.

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4. On the first day of opening, the cafe sold completely out of crisps! Andrew hopes that people’s childhood nostalgia will drive them to keep coming to the cafe.

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5. Sandwiches are served on the traditional white Belfast bap.

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6. The sandwiches are served with tomato sauce and chips. Looks pretty damn gooood!!!

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