Disabled tortoise moves properly for first time thanks to LEGO wheels

A WHEELY good solution to get this little tortoise moving again

PUBLISHED: 12:14, 12 Jan 2015 | 

An absolutely ingenious vet from Bielefeld, Germany came up with an idea to get Blade, the disabled tortoise, moving again.

The cute critter has a mobility problem caused by his shell being too heavy for his weak legs.

How did he do this? Unbelievably…by creating a wheelchair made from Lego!

The video is in German, but just skip over to the parts of Blade scooting about the place with his new found mobility.

The vet interestingly states that “although Lego is best known for its plastic building blocks, the Danish toy company is also the world’s largest tire manufacturer, producing over 381 million miniature tires in 2011.”