The world’s biggest secret Santa

Some of the best gifts from this year’s reddit secret Santa.

PUBLISHED: 16:20, 06 Jan 2015 | 

Every year hold a secret santa and 2014 was no different. This year’s SS has been the biggest to date pulling in 212,512 total participants from all over the world. With that amount of people participating it goes without saying that some of the gifts were quite unusual. Some were amazing, some were cruel and some were just plain weird.


One lucky participant managed to get matched up with Bill Gates, the world’s richest man.

Secret Santa 2014

This lucky woman received a replica Loki Helmet from the marvel movies as her main gift, she also received an Africa picture book. As well as sending her some cool gifts Bill also made a generous donation in her name to the charity Shot@Life, a program which provides vaccines for kids in poor countries.


This lucky person managed to get Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman.
He received an assortment of goodies from dark chocolate to signed merch including a Hellboy blu-ray.

Secret Santa 2014


Obviously not everyone managed to get someone famous. This recently homeless redditor received a box full of household items to help start them out in their new place.

Secret Santa 2014


And not everyone asked for something for themselves, one user asked that their secret santa give back to their local community, and they did. Their SS donated a shopping trolly full of food to their local food bank

Secret Santa 2014


Another example of someone asking for a gift for charity was a user who asked his santa to donate money to his fundraising page to run the local 1/2 mile charity marathon. The SS donated, got his friends to donate and even sent the guy a Frozen Matching Game for his daughter.

Secret Santa 2014


And some gifts are just plain weird, one user received a box full of EXPIRED purell and nothing else, shipped with priority mail. Which is an odd thing to pay extra money to get shipped faster

Secret Santa 2014


One lucky guy from Vermont received a PS4 and some high quality games.
As well as the playstation he was also given some apparently valuable life advice.

Secret Santa 2014

The recipient of the PS4 was so gracious that he said if his santa’s ever in Vermont that he can come round for a beer.

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