This woman made herself look like her ancestors and it’s cool

Very cool! Photographer pays homage to her history.

PUBLISHED: 10:45, 02 Jan 2015 | 
UPDATED: 09:47, 02 Jan 2015 | 

An artist called Christine H McConnell from California had the awesome idea to recreate pictures of her female ancestors. She says she was inspired to do this because she grew up in an old, creepy house with lots of paintings. After a few weeks of historic research she managed to find pictures and names of ancestors dating back 7 generations. She then specifically designed costumes to recreate an accurate image. The results are pretty cool…

Martha. Born 1821. Her great, great, great Grandmother.

Jane. Born 1858. Her great, great Grandmother.


Attie Mae. Born 1898. Her great Grandmother.

Mildred. 1928. Her Grandmother.

Kathryn. Born 1957. Her Mother.

And this is a picture of how Christine looks normally…