Is Yoga your New Years Resolution? Here’s how to spice it up

Helping yoga-t that badass, professional meditator look to start the new year spiritually

PUBLISHED: 10:31, 01 Jan 2015 | 
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With the last day of 2014 finally here, New Years resolutions may or may not be a thing you’ve been thinking about. Starting yoga may also be something you’re considering. I mean with it being good for your mind, body and soul and all, why shouldn’t you? We thought we’d help you on your way to kickstarting this resolution by showing you some of the coolest yoga gear available on the internet. Guaranteed to make you feel like a complete badass yoga pro.

1. A MAT

Well Being

First of all, doing the panca pose on a hard floor is going to hurt and ruin your tranquility so you’re gonna need to get yourself a mat. A company that does mats which are going to MAKE you want to do exercise is Brogamats who sell yoga mats that look like burritos and wood logs (cleverly called downwards facing log), amongst other things. Only problem is, this could be counterproductive as you may need to get a burrito after your yoga session. Oh well, you’ve earned it!


My Style

“OMMMM-g cute leggings!” The key do any exercise is feeling good in what you wear and ipwnyoga leggings should do the trick. YoGAT to be kidding me they even do leggings that feature Grumpy the cat!



After sweating it out in your Bikram class, you’re gonna need a towel to dry yourself off so why not get a yoga inspired towel instead of just any old towel.


Yoga – Business

If you want people to start referring to you by your yoga gender, get yourself a door sign to really put the word out there. Yogini is a yoga girl btw, yogi a guy. In fact, every time you need to use the toilet you could let people know by saying ‘I’m just gonna go for a yogiwee’


Citrus Zinger Green

With all that stretching and bending, you’re bound to get thirsty. But, as you’re spicing things up for the new year, you don’t want normal water. You know what you want? Infused water. This Citrus Zinger water bottle lets you squeeze lemons into your water. So when life gives you lemons in 2015, just zing your water up with them!


PEACE hand stamped FORK garden art Peace Sign with stamp OHM sign (yoga namaste)

Of course your tummy is going to be rumbling after all that Ashtanga yoga so you’re gonna wanna eat. And what do you need to eat? A fork. That fork just there. Peace.

And, if you end up loving your new sport so much that you just never want to stop doing it, try toilet yoga

For Everyone Who Poops: Toilet Yoga

Namaste, everybody, NAMASTE and a happy new year to all of you!