Survival condo for the end of the world

If you are scared that the end of the world is near, fear not: just buy yourself a condo in this DOOMSDAY PROOF missile silo.

PUBLISHED: 08:00, 13 Feb 2015 | 
UPDATED: 14:22, 04 Feb 2015 | 

It is Friday 13th and the doom-mongers are out in force.

How many times have we heard that the end of the world is near? A lot. Although it hasn’t happened yet and we’re still here, some people prefer to be precautions.

‘How the hell could you be precautions towards doomsday?’, you may ask. By buying yourself a survival condo that you can hide away in if anything ever happens! A luxury survival condo with ultra modern features, may we add, described on the website as ‘Survival Bunker Security / Full Luxury Resort Living’. Because why should you have to give up comforts when the world is falling down around you!

A plan for the silo.

A plan for the silo.

Below is a video explaining the concept of this silo, designed by the Army Corps of Engineers. But basically, the silos were designed to survive a direct nuclear strike. They can also withhold winds of up to 500MPH.

But, sadly, you don’t get luxury without a luxurious price tag as these condos will set you back a few million quid. Prices range from 1.5 Million USD to 4.5 Million USD. You do, however, get a rock climbing wall, indoor pool and spa and a movie theatre. Also, you might have to wait a little bit as the first condos have sold out completely, with new condo facilities being made available soon.

The silo from outside.

The silo from outside.

To find out more about this concept, check out the video we made below.

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