4 Alternative Things To Do This New Years Eve

Because NYE doesn’t have to be the same, stereotypical party every year

PUBLISHED: 12:00, 31 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 16:57, 30 Dec 2014 | 

You have probably been debating in your head what to do for New Years Eve this year since September.

It will most likely look like this: Washing away embarrassment and discontent of the passed year with copious alcohol consumption; running out to see the fireworks at 12- YAY!; looking into the sky and thinking this is going to be the year I get the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend/job/body and then at some point probably passing out, waking up with your head feeling like an overused kick drum and then eating your body weight in left over food (diet starts tomorrow).

But, it doesn’t have to be this way if you think a bit outside the box (and have a few hundred quid spare).


1. Go to a surf and yoga retreat


Source: Swell Surf Camp Flicker

The Swell Surf Camp in the Dominican Republic runs surf and yoga holidays over the period between Christmas and January. How peaceful does it sound going for a nightly surf and then standing on the beach welcoming the new year in with the down dog pose. Entering the new year sober? Impossible, I hear you shout! But this sounds kinda doable, doesn’t it?

2. Go kayaking on the Thames


Source: Jamie McCaffrey Flickr

We thought of this idea because a guy called Sean Conway is actually doing this at this very moment in time. He’s kayaking the length of the Thames with his mates. Anything adventurous like this would be a pretty cool idea to welcome the new year!

3. Get a helicopter over New York when the fireworks go off


Source: Anthony Quintano Flickr

Whilst going to Times Square for NYE might be a rather obvious one, imagine how breathtaking it would be to see the ball drop and all the fireworks from thousands of feet up in the air? Probably ridiculously overpriced but it’s a cute idea.

4. Have a water fight


Source: Nicu Buculei Flickr

Let yourself be inspired by the Thai tradition of getting out buckets and water guns and having a massive water fight when the clock strikes 12. In Thailand, they do this as the water is symbolic of cleansing.
Don’t blame us for your hypothermia though, okay! Or, if you prefer the sun or if by April you’re not happy with how your year is going, just hop onto a plane to Thailand and celebrate the new year all over again!