Tips for the perfect man cave

Thinking about making a man cave but don’t know where to start? Well we have you covered!

PUBLISHED: 10:38, 29 Dec 2014 | 

#1 Door sign

Every man cave needs a badass door sign so that everyone knows that this is your special place and that they’re not invited.

32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

Mobile man cave

#2 Adjustable wrench door handle

The perfect door handle for any man cave, to symbolise the work that went into putting it together.

Mobile man cave

#3 Secret doorway

If the door sign and wrench handle aren’t for you, you could always go with the spy alternative.


#4 Arcade light switch

Of course when you’ve walked inside the first thing you’ll do is turn the light on, now you can relive your street fighter arcade days at the same time.

Light Switches that Turn On the Fun

#5 Pac-Man stool

And of course your man cave will need to be furnished.

32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

#6 Jack Daniel’s mini fridge

And obviously you’ll need somewhere to store your alcohol.

Bedroom Ideas

#7 Jack Daniel’s lighting

And on a completely unrelated note, what’s the point in having all of this cool stuff if you can’t see it?

New home

Jack Daniel’s Lights

Or if you’re feeling especially adventurous you could go with the JD chandelier.

Anyone For Jack?

That last one may take you a while though…

#8 Monster energy table

Or if JD’s not really your thing you could go for the monster energy theme with this table.

Lighted Decor

#9 Car pool table

Of course you’ll need to keep your guests entertained, and who doesn’t love a good game of pool.

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#10 Games console centre

If you prefer video games to pool then you should think about setting yourself up with an entertainment centre like this, with old school consoles and current gen consoles

House ideas

Or you could set up a retro arcade machine.


#11 The bar

And last but not least, the bar. Every man cave must have an adequately stocked bar at all times.

Bar ideas

Home Bar Photos

Now you can make the perfect man cave.

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