Instagrammers are not happy because they’re losing all their fake followers

And Justin Bieber is no longer the most followed account on Facebook

PUBLISHED: 16:00, 23 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 16:34, 22 Dec 2014 | 

Instagram released a statement saying: “When we remove accounts from Instagram that don’t follow our Community Guidelines, you may see a decrease in your follower count. This shouldn’t affect engagement from authentic accounts that like and comment on your posts.”

Basically, Instagram has today had a massive purge, deleting all spambot accounts. This is a good thing, right?

Well, apparently not as people have lost hundreds, thousands and even millions of followers (literally, whose only purpose it is to increase follower numbers, as obviously spambots don’t comment on posts except for to spam).

People are really not happy about it…

They’re all feeling a bit like Shia today

RIP, guys

From hero to zero

Thanks for deleting fake accounts Instagram, you stupid people!

Gotta do what you gotta do to regain them followers

I know, let’s just report Instagram!
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 16.39.42
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 16.41.15

Many celebrities have lost millions of followers. Most noticeably, a rapper called Mase went from 1.6 Million followers to 271k. This got people talking again about the idea that people buy themselves followers

Justin Bieber, who had the top position for most followers is now at number two…after Kim K

While some took the situation a bit lighter…like it should have done because, you know, were not actually talking about real followers here

And some more comments by the more enlightened amongst us
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How will I feel good about myself now?
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Oh dear