Man recreates womens Tinder profile pictures

Meet Tinderfella – the funniest bloke on, well, the internet at the minute. Using profile pictures from Tinder, Jarrod Allen makes them hilarious (more than they already were to begin with)

PUBLISHED: 08:00, 24 Dec 2014 | 
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Tinder: the dating app that lets you swipe through people’s pictures and connect with them based purely on appearances. As they are getting judged by one picture, people really go all out to convey their personality in that 4th of a second potential lovers grant them.

A 25-year-old Australian electrician called Jarrod Allen decided to take a bit of a different approach on the app. He takes peoples – often bizarre – pictures and replicates them. Through this he’s built up quite a following and says he’s even had a few marriage proposals. He even found his own Tindarella – he dated one of the girls whose picture he mocked for a few months.

He’s a funny guy, so we spoke to him. Here’s what he had to say…

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Alright Jarrod! Your Instagram pictures of you copying people’s silly pictures on Tinder are really funny, what gave you the idea to imitate these?

The whole idea stemmed from boredom, I was sitting in a mates truck waiting for him to finish work when I came across the chick with the massive eyebrows and thought I’d use the electrical tape in my pocket to recreate her, put it on Facebook and got a pretty positive response and people wanting more.. Tindafella was born.

In some of the pictures, you are actually at the same exact location as the person you’re copying. Even Thailand! Do you travel to these places just for that purpose?

Haha nah the Thailand one I had saved in my phone, I knew I was going there for my sisters wedding in November and thought it would be too good an opportunity not to do it.

#mirror selfie

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Do you ever get anyone whose picture you imitate messaging you?

I have met a couple of them out, had a good chat and a laugh with them.

An apple a day… Keeps her away #pickingapples #ripeforthetaking #beardstrong #tindafella

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Bad or good feedback?

All been pretty good feedback, they all know I’m just taking the piss and there is no malice behind it, it’s all to try put smiles on faces.

Cookie Monster

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Will you be buying yourself some beard baubles this year?

Haha I have recreated the beard baubles pic on my Instagram @tindafella had to use the big ones as all the hipsters have purchased little ones.

Merry Christmas hipsters @beardseason @budgysmuggler #getyourballsout #BeardBaubles

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You also work for budgysmuggler who sell a range of tight ass pants for guys, tell us a bit about that?

I do we have a pretty sweet range you got your budgy smugglers for the blokes and we have the smugglettes for the ladies, I’m actually now the head of research and development for the company.

Here are some more of our favourite Tindafella posts:

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Wrap it up #tindafella #safesex

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Bet he gave her the sword…. If you know what I mean #tinder #tindafella #livebythesword

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Click any of the pictures above to head to Jarrod’s Instagram to appreciate the whole range of him copying the beauties of Tinder