First shoes that you will need ID for to buy

Alcohol and shoes…two things that most people like. Coming together in perfect harmony, thanks to the iconic London brand Oliver Sweeney

PUBLISHED: 16:00, 19 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 11:24, 19 Dec 2014 | 

Do you have to be of legal age to buy shoes? Now you do.

This is the ideal shoe for ‘men in touch with fashion’…and, for men who like their whisky.


These Oxford style Johnnie Walker brogues by Oliver Sweeney include a miniature bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label in the heel of them. This could basically be the solution for those times you finish work and think ‘man, I could do with a drink’…which is pretty much every day.

But make sure you’re over 18, ’cause you’ll get asked for ID