Dachshund goes on a diet – and loses 54 pounds!

Biggest Loser: Dog with the most extreme transformation ever to have lived? Obie might just be that Dachshund after losing 54 (!!!) pounds

PUBLISHED: 08:00, 18 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 15:25, 17 Dec 2014 | 

This was Obie two-years ago when he made headlines for weighing a ridiculous 77 pounds! His previous owners, an elderly couple, had fed him human food because they wanted to spoil and treat him. But they just ended up spoiling his figure, turning him into a jumbo sausage dog.

Weight loss Dog Calendar

Obie on the beach, Source: Caters

That was until, however, a veterinary technician called Nora Vanetta rescued him and put him on a strict diet, which led him, over a year, to lose 54 pounds – that’s two thirds of his body weight.


Weight loss Dog Calendar

Obie wearing the same coat two years on, Source: Caters

His new owner, Vanetta, told the Telegraph: ‘I feel blessed to be involved in Obie’s rehab and hope he can be an inspiration to any person or animal trying to lose weight.’ She also said that getting Obie to adjust from human to doggy food was difficult, but now he is on two healthy meals and a few snacks a day, while also getting plenty of exercise.

Weight loss Dog Calendar

Obie pre diet next to a ‘normal’ sized Dachshund. Source: Caters

His weight loss has turned this little Dachs into somewhat of a celebrity as over 350,000 people follow Obie on his Facebook page where Nora posts regular updates. If you’re a massive Obie fan, you can even order yourself a 2015 calendar to jazz up your walls with this little inspiration

Weight loss Dog Calendar

Obie on the beach two years later, Source: Caters

If you aim to shed a bit of that winter weight in the new year then use this dog as your inspiration – if he can do it, surely so can you!