Christmas present ideas for the bacon lover

For all you last minute people, here are the best gifts all about bacon for a TASTY not a TASTEFUL Christmas

PUBLISHED: 11:04, 19 Dec 2014 | 

It’s less than a week until Christmas and we’re sure most of you are still stuck for a few present ideas.
Well, think about it…what do most people like? That’s right, bacon.

Note: You can LEGITIMATELY buy all these things on the internet

If you have a friend who is a little bit like this:

Then, for Christmas, we’re sure they’d really like this:

Bacon soda
17 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

“Do you want a drink or anything?” “Yeah, a bacon soda would be great mate thanks”
Mmmm this might be an acquired taste, but if you could see this food flavoured drink working, it’s available to buy here

Bacon air freshener
Best Medicine

Because who wouldn’t want their vehicle to smell like the remnants of a greasy breakfast bacon roll.
You can get this here (even though the picture is American, you can get these in the UK guys!)

Bacon band aids

If you wanna soothe your cuts with bacon, you can purchase them here

’50 Shades of Bacon’ Cookbook

Described on their website as an ‘erotic cookbook that delves into the full bacon experience’
If you wanna, among other things make bacon cupcakes then get this on Amazon here

Coffee. Bacon.
Gifts for Techies

Their website is here
Unsurprisingly, this company which has tried to combine your breakfast food with your breakfast drink, is Canadian.

Bacon making kit
The Baum List

Because who needs to buy bacon when you can buy to make bacon here

Oscar Mayer Bacon gift box
You’re Welcome

Bacon, it deserves to be in a box that looks like it contains jewellery. Give the world’s most tasteful gift box here

Bacon toothpaste
Cool Gifts

You kow when you brush your teeth and they just taste so bacony fresh? So buy this for your boyfriend/girlfriend cause who wouldn’t wanna kiss bacon? Here

Bacon chocolate bar
FSOT (For Sale or Trade) Board

This isn’t just some fob off either, it actually includes real pieces of hickory smoked bacon (like 55% if the whole chocolate bar). You can buy it here

Bacon mayonaise

Mayonaise. Bacon. Combined. Yeah, that could work. Click Here “>here to buy.

Maple bacon cookie mix
Holiday Food Finds

If you wanna bake some christmas cookies that are a bit…abstract, Betty Crocker – Here – has a mix for that. And frosting also (see Amazon).

Bacon covered in chocolate…and gold
Everything’s Better With BACON!

It’s nice to see bacon covered in its rightful decoration…23k gold. Definitely good enough to eat! Get it here

Merry Baconmas!!!