Vines you just couldn’t stop watching in 2014

With this year drawing to a close, here are some of the absolutely best six glorious seconds we spent our lives on this year

PUBLISHED: 18:43, 16 Dec 2014 | 

If the bible was written today
If the Bible was written today. #BritishVinersGroup #comedy British Viners Group

I’m in me mom’s car (remix)
By far the best one yet #remake #stoleit #gotitfromgregorybrothers #igivecreditsostfu The Gregory Brothers

Spiders in the ghetto be like…
Spiders in the ghetto be like!

When someone’s got a free house
When the bae texts you to come over [part 2]

What was she trying to do?
Haha omg!

This guy got banned from supermarkets by doing these videos
The guy who’s been banned from supermarkets for the way he touches fruit, but got in today as there was no security

When someone’s sneeze scares the life out of you
Anyone else have that one parent that sneezes too damn loud?

I don’t sing in the shower…
I don’t sing in the shower – i perform

Got my hater blockers on
I got my hater blockers on

President Cat giving a speech on Ebola
just a cat giving a presidential speech on ebola…

When you’re eating lying down/too lazy to put your cereal into a bowl
Remake Robert OConnor

Llama is down to party
Party UP HERE !!! #like#follow#revine#friend#cat#animal#russianvine#quick#dmx#6secondcover#swag#lol#fun

Baby, you’re drunk
When you realise you’ve had one too many..

Scary cat, scarier owner

White parents when their kids are doing bad at school
White parents when they find out their kids aren’t doing well in school

Dog is happy
Follow 5 Seconds Films

Going round takes a lifetime
“Going Around” takes a lifetime. w/ Rudy Mancuso and Brittany Furlan

How you think you dance VS how you really dance
HOW WE THINK WE DANCE VS. HOW WE REALLY DANCE (i don’t really smoke and neither should you) filmed by Cole Hamilton

The worst pain in the world (if this has ever happened to you, you will know)
Jerry Purpdrank’s “the worst pain in the world is when a scooter karate chops your ankle…” REEEEMIXXX #Bruh #BruhMovement