Britain’s first dog grammar school

Where you can send your dog if you want it to get into Oxford

PUBLISHED: 16:00, 15 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 17:14, 12 Dec 2014 | 

A grammar school for dogs is pledging to whip your pooch into shape with its incredible education programme complete with school reports, parents’ evenings and graduation ceremonies.

The Academy 4 Dogs in Stockport has adopted a school-like structure to make sure adorable doggies learn more than they would at an average ‘comprehensive’ kennel.

Owner Tracy Chapman, 30, believes the system can quell doggy aggression and has pledged to get the dogs she looks after to the top of the class.

At the beginning of every day Tracy rings a bell and her class of dogs run in to the academy ready for registration.

Their timetable includes PE, art and music and Tracy even serenades her charges with tunes from a piano.

The privileged pooches take swimming lessons and have access to hydrotherapy, training and agility classes.

Devoted owners pay £100 pounds a week for their pets to be educated and have the option of an afterschool club if they can’t make it home from work in time to pick up their pooches at the school gates.

For the 80 dogs coming through the doors every day, Tracy and her team of teachers put together school reports, hold parents evenings and even arrange graduation ceremonies at the end of the year.

They ensure that owners have mementos from their dogs’ schooldays including paw print pictures to be proudly displayed on the fridge and a selection of pictures and videos.

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