10 Things that shouldn’t be houses, but are

Ever dreamed of living in somewhere alternative? These amazing conversions might give you a few ideas!

PUBLISHED: 12:54, 16 Dec 2014 | 

#1 Rock house

8 Houses That Don’t Seem Real, But They Are!: A House that Rocks

You don’t have to live under a rock to have a rockin’ house!

#2 Converted water tower

Water Tower Turned London Residence

Wouldn’t call this a watered down version of a home!

#3 Lighthouse home

Dream future home design and decor

There’s something really romantic about this house

#4 Converted bus


Combining home and vehicle seem like a perfect option for those who want to live on the road

#5 Repurposed Boat


This ones a bit different to your usual house boat

#6 Converted train coach

If I had a big piece of land…

For most of us, that time spent on a train during morning commute is enough but this is a home for those who just didn’t want to get off

#7 Container home


We now also want to live in a container

#8 Silo houses

Ideas for the House

Pretty cool!

#9 Converted barn

Build ideas

What could be more cosy than living in a converted barn?

#10 Church house

4 Churches Turned Into Beautiful Homes

For those who want a bit more a spiritual home