Hilarious things you will only witness in China

Every country has its own ways of doing things. Here are the quirky, unusual things that you will only find in China

PUBLISHED: 12:00, 15 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 17:10, 12 Dec 2014 | 

#1 Like the fact that there was a fake apple store in China. A WHOLE STORE. Made In China: 10 Business Fakes

#2 Like this real apple store. For once, you’re getting exactly what it says on the label
Too funny not to pin

#3 Like this fake Starbucks store. Let’s get a skinny latte from Sunbucks!
These Hilariously Bad Knock-Offs Are On Sale In China


#4 Like this man. Sometimes guys need a little bit of extra support too, you know!

#5 Like when you have a name that sounds like you’re making sarcastic laughing noises when someone asks you what it is
someone’s actual name..

#6 Like when cute kids get replaced by cuter kids on international TV in the name of ‘national interest’ (the girl on the left lip synced the other girls song at the Beijing Olympics because she was cuter)

#7 Like this fix it job. Because when a cement pole breaks, just stick it back together with tape. Tape fixes everything!
This can only happen in China’s Photos – This can only happen in China | Facebook

#8 Like this book vending machine- because who needs a library?
Design inspiration

#9 Like this inventive warning sign making people aware of pick pockets
42 Things You’ll Only See In China

#10 Like another one of these brilliant imitations, clearly made mainly for the amusement of American tourists
42 Things You’ll Only See In China

#11 Like how they sell crocodiles and SHARKS in their version of Walmart
42 Things You’ll Only See In China

#12 Like this cat with wings, because you know…standard
42 Things You’ll Only See In China

#13 Like these absolutely hilarious Chinese to English translations EVERYWHERE. ‘I think I’ll have the fried Wikipedia for my starter’
42 Things You’ll Only See In China

#14 Like this little fella
42 Things You’ll Only See In China

#15 Like the amount of websites are completely BLOCKED in China
What Are The Advantages/Disadvantages of Making YouTube Videos

Oh, China – we love you.