Strange real life diseases you wouldn’t wanna get

You probably have never heard of these weird and terrifying diseases – but they are all real

PUBLISHED: 10:00, 17 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 14:27, 16 Dec 2014 | 

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

Axe’s & big, edged tools

This very rare disease gets its name from the first group of people known to be infected – a number of lumberjacks of French Canadian descent in Main and Quebec. It causes people to react to something unexpected, such as a loud noise, by a rapid and involuntary response, usually jumping, kicking or running. Sufferers may also repeat back words and phrases in a parrot like way and imitate or mimic movements.

Foreign Accent Syndrome


Almost everybody has been guilty of badly imitating a foreign accent. But, imagine actually having a syndrome that causes you to speak in said foreign accent, even if they have never been to that country before. This disorder is normally a side effect of a stroke or brain injury. The person who is affected mysteriously changes the tone of their voice and the position of the tongue – making them sound foreign. Many cases have been recorded including English people sounding French, Welsh and German. Thankfully there is a cure. Many sufferers have been treated with speech therapy to retrain the brain to speak in a specific way and return that bonjour to a hello.

Porphyria, the vampire disease


Do vampires really exist? No. But a disease called Porphyria, also known as the vampire disease would make you think so. Some believe it contributed to the legend of the vampire. People who suffer from Porphyria suffer from a series of symptoms – including receding gums that give the appearance of fangs. other strange symptoms are skin bubbles and boils when exposed to sunlight which can only be treated with injections of blood. Spooooooky!

Exploding head syndrome


This syndrome literally makes you have a banging head ache. Affected victims hear loud bangs just before they fall asleep or are woken up by a loud a bang they imagine. This syndrome frightens and stresses the victims, some people hear the bangs maybe once every now and then, while others can experience this several times a night. A flash can also come along with the sound. No one really knows how it happens, but some speculate it is to do with issues affecting the air pressure in the ear, when people suddenly stop taking certain drugs given for medical reasons or by simply being stressed and tired. So chill yourself out!

Alice in wonderland syndrome


Feeling small in a big world? Alice in Wonderland Syndrome affects peoples perception of time and space. Those affected may suffer from hallucinations, things seeming tiny and parts of the body, like hands and head, looking gigantic. Also time seems to pass either stupidly fast or stupidly slow. It is terrifying for the victim as they feel like they are going mad in a weird world. But then again, maybe you should just embrace your inner Alice!