The crosswalk ping pong game is now officially real!

Two clever people have had an awesome idea, and now traffic light ping pong is a real thing

PUBLISHED: 20:00, 11 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 18:25, 11 Dec 2014 | 

Two years ago, two German students – Sandro Engel and Amelie Kunzler – came up with an amazing idea. Based around the world’s mutual hate for waiting at traffic lights, the duo came up with the ingenious Streetpong.


Streetpong turns the crossing button into a real-life computer ping pong style game. Installed on both sides of the street, you compete against complete strangers on the other side of the road.

Although the video they posted, ¬†filmed in Germany, seemed like this was indeed already a real concept. Sadly, it wasn’t.

Now, two years on and several meetings with business big-wigs and traffic professionals, a prototype has been developed.

The project now has a crowd funding campaign in order to develop more of these, meaning they will hopefully come to a crossing near you.