Meet Obama’s Doppelganger

This man has a CRAZY resemblance to Obama – it’s unbelievable how alike they look!

PUBLISHED: 17:44, 09 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 14:24, 11 Dec 2014 | 

Is it Obama? No, it’s Ilham Anas.

Ilham is 40 and lives in Java, an island of Indonesia.

Throughout most of his life, he worked as a magazine photographer. That was, until people started realising his uncanny resemblance to Barack Obama after he was inaugurated as US president in 2009.

From that point onwards, he has mainly been earning a living from impersonating the president while getting to travel the globe doing so.

His fellow Indonesians have taken Ilham to their hearts thanks in part to Obama’s links to the Asian nation – where Obama spent four years living as a boy.

As well as traveling all over the world, Ilham has starred in several TV ads, including a very peculiar Indonesian one for heartburn medication…

We wanted to find out a little bit more behind his intriguing lifestyle, so we caught up with Ilham…

When did you realise you were a lookalike of President Obama?
Since a local newspaper put my picture beside Obama’s picture. It all took off from there.

How has it changed your life?
Since I became an impersonator. I have made many friends, and received many jobs thanks to my resemblance. I have been able to visit many places in many countries.

How often do you get mistaken for Obama?
Not so much in Indonesia anymore, because the public is aware about me today. But if I go to abroad I get stopped all the time. If I am wearing a suit, many people mistake me for the real Obama. I had a funny experience when I went to America. A grandmother in elevator was so shocked when she saw me, she fell to the floor.

Do you ever wish you didn’t look like Obama?
No, I never wish for this. This is God’s blessing. I thank God everyday for this gift.

Have you ever met Obama? If so what did he say to you?
No I have never met him in person. When he came to Indonesia, I was in Los Angeles…pretending to be Barack Obama! I hope someday I can meet him. If I do, the first thing I will ask if whether I can have a photograph with him!

Are bookings as an Obama lookalike still as high as they were when you first started?
Sometimes the bookings dry up but at other times I am very busy with this job also. It depends on Obama’s popularity.

What will you do when Obama is no longer in power?
Since Obama became president, I have learned many things like being a host, doing stand-up comedy etc. So hopefully there will still be a way for me to exist in the entertainment world!