Meet Griffon Ramsey, a chainsaw artist.

We managed to contact the person who quite possibly has the coolest sounding job in the world.

PUBLISHED: 14:30, 16 Dec 2014 | 
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Griffon Ramsey is a mother and a wife living in Austin, Texas. Instead of working in an office or in a bank, Griffon has a slightly cooler job. She’s a chainsaw artist. Griffon carves sculptures out of logs using an assortment of chainsaws.

photo by Katie Jo

We got in contact with Griffon herself to ask her a few questions

How did you get started doing this?

I started chainsaw sculpting a little over three years ago when I launched my Youtube channel: Originally, I planned to use different creative skills and mediums to make video game props with no intention of doing any more chainsaw sculpting. But within six months, I decided to focus almost all of my attention on carving. It just clicked and I feel more potential for success with it than any other career path I’ve been on. I also have mostly abandoned the video game angle. My goal is just to be genuine and, for the most part, do whatever I feel like.

Here is Groot, possibly Griffon’s most popular piece. Watch the video of this being made here
“Groot” from Guardians of the Galaxy in eastern

How long does it take to create a small/large sculpture?

It really depends on the piece; how long it takes me to design, find the wood, if my tools are functioning properly and whether or not I have other projects going at the same time. If I’m focused on a small, simple carving I can finish it in a day going at a unhurried pace. A large, complex carving can take me several days of fast, focused work. For instance, I just made a bench which had two sculpted ends and a little bit of dremel and finishing work on the two slabs that held them together. I found the wood on Tuesday, started carving on Wednesday and finished it Saturday evening. I got it done on time, but it was fairly stressful.

Griffon’s Bearded Zombie sculpture. Watch the video of this being made here
Bearded Zombie sculpture – …

what’s your favourite piece you’ve made?

That’s difficult to say, but in general I prefer the large scale sculptures. The most complicated one I’ve done so far that I kind of wish I still had was made at the Butler Chainsaw Carving Invitational in Butler, Pennsylvania. It’s called “Professor Morris Finds a Lamp”.

“Professor Morris Finds A Lamp” in white pine. Had so much fun carving at #ButlerChainsawCarvingInvitational

what was the hardest piece to make?

I think the hardest one to make was the first one. It was my first time handling a chainsaw and I had no idea what I was doing. I barely had any tools so the hard to reach places were nearly impossible to reach. It was a small sculpture, but took me three full days to make. You can see the video here. I can barely hold the saw!

Griffon’s definitely one of the most interesting people we’ve ever met, if you’d like to keep up to date with her latest work you can check out her website at

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