If Grumpy Cat was part of the rich list

Famous internet meme star Grumpy Cat was randomly declared the richest cat in the WORLD this week

PUBLISHED: 10:00, 10 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 12:22, 12 Dec 2014 | 

If you know the internet, you will most likely have heard about Grumpy Cat – real name, Tardar Sauce.

For those who don’t – the brother of Grumpy’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen, speculatively posted a snap of his sister’s pet to Reddit two years ago. Within a day it had a million hits and been turned into countless memes. Fast forward and this unstoppable moggy has his own movie, book deal, modelling career and appeared on numerous TV shows.

But now, it has emerged Grumpy Cat has become rich. And we mean mega rich. According to Business Insider, Grumpy Cat has netted its owners a cool $99.5 million! This is what Bundesen’s ‘internet meme agent’ claimed, anyway.

And the astronomical figure – if true and accurate – would put Grumpy Cat comfortably above some of the world’s biggest names, according to figures collated by Forbes.

#1 Grumpy Cat $99.5 Million
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#2 Robert Downey Jr $75 Million

#3 Dwayne Johnson $52 Million
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#4 Sandra Bullock $52 Million
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#5 Bradley Cooper $46 Million
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#6 Leonardo DiCaprio $39 Million
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#7 Chris Hemsworth $37 Million
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#8 Liam Neeson $36 Million
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#9 Ben Affleck $35 Million

#10 Jennifer Lawrence $34 Million
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A Compendium Of Tard The Grumpy Cat

UPDATE: Grumpy’s owner has poured cold water on the idea her cat has raked in more than Di Caprio, The Rock and Jennifer Lawrence – with some experts estimating the actual figure is much, much less. Can’t say we didn’t expect this, but nonetheless, Grumpy is still likely to be the world’s richest cat, which is in itself a pretty decent achievement.