You can now send ashes to space

Ashes to space, dust to earth

PUBLISHED: 16:00, 09 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 11:28, 09 Dec 2014 | 

This funeral is literally out of this world…because one company are now offering to send your loved ones into SPACE.

US company Mesoloft have created a truly unique idea of what to do with the remains of a loved one after the pass away. They put the ashes into high altitude balloon, which then flies to the very edge of space!

Once 20 miles above our planet, the ashes are carefully released. A video camera attached to the balloon captures the moment your loved one soars into the earth’s atmosphere – where they float for weeks before coming back down to earth.

Mesoloft say on their website that ‘you’ve not simply scattered their cremated remains to be co-mingled with the ground of a single much-loved place; you’ve returned their ashes to the loving embrace of the planet itself.’

Amazing idea. To check it out further, here’s their website