This lightsaber combat academy will teach you how to be a Jedi

Ever wanted to be a Jedi? Or a Sith? Well you need to get yourself down to a lightsaber combat academy, then

PUBLISHED: 14:15, 23 Jan 2015 | 

In 2006, in a Galaxy far far away (read: Milan, Italy) Ludo Sport was founded. The one-of-a-kind brainchild of three Italian friends.

The martial art-based, lightsaber sport sees competitors battle it out in real-life Star Wars fights.

The academies – found in Italy, Ireland, Russia, Belgium, Sweden and even Cheltenham, UK – teach pupils how to engage in battles, using lightsaber reproductions.

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For those keen to start participating, there are tournaments and even summer boot camps scheduled.

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Now watch the video of the incredible sport’s founders – Simone Spreafico, Gianluca Longo and Fabio Monticelli- talking all about it and get an insight of what its like to pretend that you are Luke Skywalker