How not to spill your coffee all over your keyboard

Useful inventions: We introduce to you the hero of preventing spills

PUBLISHED: 11:00, 08 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 14:57, 05 Dec 2014 | 

It’s happened to all of us…you’re enjoying your morning coffee at your desk and then before you know it the mug obstructs the path of your hand and you’ve destroyed 40 hours of work in a mere two seconds, or even worse your whole computer. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Well, there is a solution. We introduce to you your new favourite office accessory, the Mighty Mug.

This mug basically grips to the table when knocked over, thanks to Smart grip technology and Kickstarter investors, it is now available for anyone to order online. There are different versions, but the price for the original Mighty Mug is around £13, which thinking about it, is a really reasonable price. If someone asked you post-spillage if you’d pay £13 to reverse this mess, what would you say?

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