Weird things that you can actually buy

Have a peculiar friend that you need to buy a gift for? Well we may have something for you!

PUBLISHED: 10:40, 09 Dec 2014 | 

#1 Magic wand remote control

This magic wand has a built in motion-sensing accelerometer, this senses the wand’s movements and allows you to control the TV like a real wizard.


#2 Cat battle armour

This battle ready kitty outfit is made out of leather, waxed cord, nickel silver hardware, elastic and can be yours for just £327!

Cat Battle Armor

#3 Darth vader toaster

If you’ve ever felt that your toast was a little on the light side then this toaster may be for you.

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#4 USB desk vacuum

This USB vacuum will surely help you keep your desk clean and free of crumbs.

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#5 Throwing card knives

You can become a real life Gambit with these knife cards.

Throwing Card Knives

#6 Crovel Extreme II – Tactical shovel

This multi-purpose shovel will surely see you through any camping trip, no matter what the circumstance.

Crovel Extreme II – Tactical Survival Shovel

#7 The Gotham golf cart

And now you know how Batman gets around on his golf trips.

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#8 The arm sleeper’s pillow

If you sleep in one specific position every night and have $99 to spare then we’ve found you the perfect pillow.

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#9 Tactical BBQ apron

If, when you’re having a day off for a BBQ in the middle of a war zone, or you just enjoy having everything you need to tend to a barbecue on your person, this is the perfect apron for you.

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#10 Lightsaber chop sticks

Let’s hope they don’t burn the food too badly.

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