Quirkiest Air bnb’s

Because who would want to stay in a hotel?

PUBLISHED: 08:00, 11 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 17:42, 10 Dec 2014 | 

Air bnb is a website where living on private islands, in an old school turned house, igloos or in the belly of a huge beagle is the norm.

For those not in the know, it is a site that lets people put their entire properties or a room in their place up for rent so people can stay there on their holidays or business trips.

But with the ridiculous amount of otherwise unimaginable properties flooding the site, we decided to dig for some of the quirkiest ones that beat a night in a dreary Travelodge.

#1 The shell house


Source: Air bnb

If you’ve ever looked at a snail and wondered what it is like to live in a shell, this might be a good holiday idea for you!

#2 A house in the sky


Source: Air bnb


Source: Air bnb

Your own little tower of London. This house is  ‘not suitable for anyone with vertigo’. Absolutely spectacular sights of London makes this a room with a view!

#3 Dog B&B


Source: Air bnb


Source: Air bnb

Who thought it’d be possible to live in a dog’s belly? With this air b&b you can actually be in the dog house!

#4 Gingerbread House


Source: Air bnb


Source: Air bnb

‘Tis the season to go take a holiday and live in a gingerbread house. Ever heard of a house that’s good enough to eat?

#5 Mirror House


Source: Air bnb


Source: Air bnb

This could be ideal for the vain among us. Think about it…getting ready with friends and having to try use one mirror between the three of you would never be a problem again.

#6 Tree House


Source: Air bnb

Always dreamed of having a tree house as a kid? Well, why not go on holiday in one! The wall opposite the king sized bed pretty much consists of mainly a window so you can just lie in bed, observing nature in complete peace and quiet. Sounds pretty serene.

#7 The Wind Mill


Source: Air bnb


Source: Air bnb

This beautiful windmill, in Amsterdam, naturally, is perfect if you want to live in a tranquil environment with nothing but cows surrounding you.

Check out the Air B&B website here and get yourself inspired for your next holiday (we know it’s only December…sorry)
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