15 Adorable pictures of pets and their humans growing up together

Touching photographs of growing old(er) together

PUBLISHED: 08:00, 05 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 13:37, 04 Dec 2014 | 

Then and now pictures are pretty much always interesting and this is one of the cutest and greatest ideas we’ve seen on the internet at the moment.

We all know that animals can be some of the greatest companions and now some people who have pictures of them and their small, young pets from years ago decided to recreate those photographs years on (some of them even fast forwarded about 20 years!) and post them for all to see and aww at.

Here are some of the best ones…


14 years of hugging it out


20 years on and she needs a bit more strength than just her hand to hold her friend up

My Style


20 years on and the cat still looks uncertain about whether it wants to be held or not

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13 years on and still the best of friends

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18 years on and taste in glasses has definitely improved

Cute Animal


9 years later and still warming each other through the nights

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15 years later and proof that animals don’t age as much as humans

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5 years later and still using his owner as a taxi

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16 years on and the dog still thinks it’s small enough to be held

Animals Being Adorbs!


17 years on and still best buds

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5 years later and still trying to avoid the floor at all costs

Then and Now (some weird stuff here)


11 years ago but still the same jumper

You’re an animal!


12 years later and now reenacting Titanic



9 years later and now can be used as a full size blanket

Things I find meaningful


13 years later and still your favourite person to have a sleepover with

Then and Now