Dogs take to the sky

Dogs that can fly couldn’t possibly exist? Think again…

PUBLISHED: 12:30, 04 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 12:21, 04 Dec 2014 | 

Paragliding is essentially a sport using a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft that lifts you off things such as mountains and hoists you into the air, allowing you to glide over landscapes. Some people participating in this activity obviously thought that maybe their pooch wanted to experience life from a different view point too, so they took them along for the ride…

This Peruvian couple took their pug Nano paragliding over the Costa Verde’s cliff in the South-American country’s capital, Lima. Watch how to little dog just takes it all in and clearly is quite impressed by the views


Actually quite envious of this beautiful border collie called Bear getting to paraglide over the clear blue oceans in San Diego, California


And last but not least, here is a video of one of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen paragliding, again, in San Diego.