These scary toys will leave you freaked out

Christmas is coming, but these utterly freaky kids toys will leave your child with nightmares

PUBLISHED: 13:00, 03 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 11:38, 03 Dec 2014 | 

If you are used to cuddling cute teddy bears and pretty dolls, then these toys are definitely not for you!
Most of these scary toys are for sale – and guaranteed to be some of the creepiest cuddly toys ever made.

#1 – Headless bride
Annabelle Wraithia – 8″ Plush

You have lost your head if you think this doll is cute

#2 – Skeleton in the box

Projects to Try

This Jack in the box is anything but quaint.

#3 – Mouthy Marvin
Mouthy Marvin and his next victim! Handmade Teddy Bear! Perfect gift for any holiday or event, with a twist. Made by TeddyBearNightmares

So that’s what really happens when kids loose their teddy bears.

#4 – Posessed doll

What would you do if you found this sitting on your bed?

#5 – Eery old doll

This looks like the kind of doll that will wake up at night and haunt you.