Five inventions that killed their inventors

There have been many great inventors over the years such as Edison, Franklin, and The Wright Brothers. But not all inventors are remembered for their inventions but rather their demise.

PUBLISHED: 15:51, 01 Dec 2014 | 

1. Jetpod

In 2009 Michael Dacre died testing his flying taxi device after it fell out of the sky, the flying taxi device was designed to permit fast, affordable travel between regional cities.

An advert for the “jetpod”

2. Alcohol fuelled engine

Max Valier invented rocket engines that ran on liquid fuels as part of the German rocketeering society in the 1920s. In 1930 an alcohol-fuelled engine exploded whilst on his test bench in Berlin, instantly ending his life.

Max_Valier_in_Rocket_Car_(1931) 2

3. Five punishments

Li Si, the Chancellor under the Qin Dynasty invented a punishment method called the Five Punishments. The Five Punishments involved having certain body parts chopped off before being killed. Li Si was then killed by this punishment method.


4. AVE Mizar

In 1973 Henry Smolinski was killed during a test flight of the AVE Mizar,  a flying car made up of a Ford Pinto and aeroplane parts. The reason for the crash of the AVE Mizar was poor welding.


5. Shock-absorbent barrel

Karel Soucek was a Canadian stunt-man who had developed a shock-absorbent barrel, he planned to roll of the Houston Astrodome. During the stunt the barrel Soucek was inside missed the tank of water meant to cushion his fall, instead it hit the rim crushing him to death.