These are probably the best jobs in the world

Here are some jobs worth leaping out of bed for

PUBLISHED: 15:42, 02 Dec 2014 | 
UPDATED: 15:32, 02 Dec 2014 | 

Following on from our recent article about the World’s Worst Jobs which was meant to make you feel better about the mundane parts of your job. Today, however, we bring you the complete opposite. Here are some of the most envy inducing jobs on this fine monday morning…

#1 New Zealand Chief Funster

Hiking NZ
Okay, this job basically entails showing everything fun that the beautiful country of New Zealand has to offer. For six months, the California Andrew Smith, gets to travel around and uncover ‘moments of fun’- one per each square kilometre of the country including festival reviews,  events, sky diving and sampling beer.


#2 Professional Sleeper

I’m having a duvet day!The hotel chain Travelodge had a job position entitled ‘Director of Sleep’. This job involved the employee, Wayne Munnelly, napping on 25,000 different Travelodge beds to check for comfort of pillows, blankets and mattresses and also lighting. As wacky as this job sounds, that job isn’t the only best testing one around…John Lewis also have a full time ‘duvet tester’ called Jo Unsworth(see her in the photo above, just chilling) who sleeps in all the company’s products. Feeling envious yet, on this fine monday morning? What a DREAMY job! Who needs a duvet day when you can have a duvet life, aye? To be fair to her thought, she does have a degree in Textile Management.

#3 Luxury Travel Reviewer

coastal places ♡ teaspoon heavenA company called Luxury Travel Intelligence, a members-only resource for affluent globetrotters and the website offered an absolutely amazing ‘job’ opportunity earlier this year. The job description is visiting the world’s most luxurious locations, best hotels and restaurants and also trips on yachts, jets and Japan’s most expensive sleeper train. The successful applicant will also get to stay on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island(see photo above) where a room costs around 37k a night! This year trip will be all-expenses paid and the traveller will be expected to write reviews about all their experiences.

#4 Professional Scarer

Halloween Makeup Inspiration
Think pulling pranks and scaring people is hilarious? Then this would probably be the ideal job for you as you’re getting paid to pull the kind of stuff on people that you probably do in your spare time anyway. London Dungeons and the London Bridge Experience employ Zombies and other creatures to scare visitors at some of their top attractions. You basically just have to dress up and leap out of corners to unsuspecting tourists!

#5 Water Slide Tester

Water Slide at Water Bomb Park di Bali … click to see full size!
Last year, the travel company First Choice held a  competition to recruit a ‘slide tester’ to test their water slides at their 20 SpashWorld resorts in countries such as Jamaica, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco. Not only did the winner, 22 year old graduate from Leeds Sebastian Smith, get to travel around the world for free and ‘work’ at resorts but he also got paid £20,000 for the job. What a splashing opportunity!

#6 Hamilton Island Caretaker

Hamilton Island
Three years ago a man called Ben Southhall won what was being called ‘The Best Job In The World’ (he even got to go on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about it). The job, firstly, paid £70.000 for 6 months. Ben also got to live RENT FREE in a 3 bedroom villa with a pool on one of the islands off the Queensland coast called Hamilton Island (see photo above). The job description was ‘looking for someone to tell stories of the Great Barrier Reef’ and includes feeding the fish and collecting the island’s mail as well as checking out neighbouring islands and writing a blog about it all.

#7 Hotel Reviewer
Yorkshire trip

Love that feeling of staying away from home in a nice hotel where you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning or anything else but relaxing? Well, the Daily Telegraph actually employ a ‘Hotel Guru’, a lady called Fiona Duncan, whose job it is to travel to hotel all over the country, checking them out and writing reviews about them then posting them onto the website so people can chose a hotel thats right and suitable for them.

#8 Bike Riding Photographer for Google Maps

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In 2009, Google hired two people to ride around France on bikes with camera attached to them, taking pictures of, mainly, historical sites which couldn’t be accessed by car for Google Maps. Getting paid to ride your bike round a beautiful country all day and take pictures? Okay!

Happy Monday, everybody