Daredevil Climbs Second Highest Structure In Romania

“The height is just a spicy factor”

PUBLISHED: 15:51, 01 Dec 2014 | 

This video of Flaviu Cernescu from Romania went viral this week and has had nearly half a million views up to date.

It shows the seemingly fearless man of many talents climb up a chimney in Pitesti which is the second largest structure in the whole of Romania (919 feet high). All of this without any safety equipment and filmed on a GoPro to create a hair raising point of view video.

Climbing, however, is definitely not the only thing Cernescu is good at. He also juggles, gets creative with uni cycles(or combines both whilst on a treadmill) and does something called highlining which is basically taking a slackline to heights that falling from would be fatal.

We spoke to Flaviu to find out a little bit more about his talents.

What inspired you to start high lining?

I always liked heights. Be they trees, buildings, rocks or chimneys. After getting into slacklining the next logical step was to take it high, which is highlining


Favourite place you’ve ever high lined?

There have been many but the most intense one was between 2 tall chimneys


How long does a slack line, between two rocks for example, take you to set up?

That whole thing took about 7 hours: rig the line, walk a few times and take it down. There was a lot of work involved.

Your videos are very vertigo inducing. Do you ever get scared?

I don’t fear the heights, I fear the situations when I am not in control of my safety, be it up or down on the ground. If I am comfortable doing something, the height is just a spicy factor!

(Skip to 4.14 for more point of view action)


Were you bricking it when you were climbing that chimney?

I was a little scared when climbing the cable at the beginning but not very much as I somehow knew it is going to hold. I then was scared at the very top because of the weak ladder but walking at the top was good and refreshing!


Any high lining projects in other parts of Romania, Europe or the world?

I constantly get a lot of new ideas but it just takes time and opportunity to make them happen. Keep looking on my facebook and youtube channel for updates!


To see more incredible videos of Flaviu check out his Youtube channel or follow him on Facebook and keep up to date.