Unbelievable pictures from the Brisbane Super Storm

Brisbane, Australia has been experiencing some extreme weather.

PUBLISHED: 17:07, 27 Nov 2014 | 

1. Planes upside down at Archerfield Airport

Newsium on Twitter

2. Valley train station’s tracks flooded.

Glad I didn’t take the train home! – source: twitter

3. A giant ball of hail that someone’s picked up.


4. Cars trying to move through the flood.

Cami Jones on Twitter

5. Some roadside trees that have been destroyed.

Vanessa Wiltshire on Twitter

6. Multiple windows smashed by hail.

Nicole Del Piero on Twitter

7. The inside of a Brisbane shopping centre.


8. More destroyed trees

Amelia Hine on Twitter

9. A truck that has been flipped on top of a car.

Nine News Brisbane on Twitter

10. A trashed apartment with no roof.

Joshua Robertson on Twitter

Out thoughts are with anyone affected by the storm.