Meet Some Truly Wacky Racers

Take a look at some great soapbox racers!

PUBLISHED: 14:37, 27 Nov 2014 | 

Red Bull Soapbox races are held all over the world at places such as London, LA, Romania and more. Teams get together in home made vehicles and race one at a time down a hill. The participants are judged on things such as their racer, their showmanship and their speed.

There are a lot of silly racers and lots of serious ones, although the carts rarely make it to the finish line in the same condition that they started with.

Soapbox derbies would be much better if more karts looked this awesome

(No this isn’t a real lego set, it’s actually a soapbox racer and the team’s 4 members)


And of course a lot of racers don’t even make it to the finish line at all.

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But no matter the outcome, everyone seems to have a good day out.


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