Man’s last wish leads his family across America handing out $500 tips

Aaron’s last wish was amazing acts of kindness

PUBLISHED: 13:46, 26 Nov 2014 | 

After Aaron passed away, his brother Seth fulfilled Aaron’s last wishes by going out for meals and leaving an ‘awesome tip’ for a waiter or waitress. He went to all 50 states and has, to date, given 98 waiters and waitresses tips at $500 a pop!! He has achieved this with the help of online donations and also some money that Aaron had left behind.

Seth states that ‘Aaron lived his life quickly, not holding on to many things and always with a vigour to have experiences not possessions’
Another amazing example of peoples kindness and selflessness helping other people!

To watch some more surprised waiters and waitresses or to give a donation, check out the website here